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France Deploys 15,000 Troops, Police After Blood-soaked Week - Yahoo News

All major newspapers splashed photos of the sea of humanity on the French capital's streets, with banner headlines reading "A people rise up", "Freedom on the march," and "France stands up". Relatives of victims of the hostage-taking at a Jewish supermarket on the eastern fringes of Paris a During an emotional and colourful rally, the crowd brandished banners saying "I'm French and I'm not scared". In tribute to the cartoonists slaughtered at the offices of satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, the crowd also held aloft signs saying: "Make fun, not war" and "Ink should flow, not blood". As Hollande proclaimed Paris the "capital of the world", hundreds of thousands of people turned out in other French cities and marches were held in Berlin, Brussels, Istanbul and Madrid as well as in US and Canadian cities. - 'New anti-Semitism' - Hollande has warned his grieving countrymen not to let down their guard and questions were mounting as to how the attackers slipped through the intelligence services' net. View gallery Mourners stand in front of flowers during a gathering at the end of Shabbat called by the Kim Kardashian Jewish Stu As well as Coulibaly, brothers home page Said, 34, and Cherif Kouachi, 32, who carried out the Charlie Hebdo murders, had a history of extremism and were known to French intelligence. Valls has admitted there were "clear failings" after it emerged that the Kouachi brothers had been on a US terror watch list "for years". He told French radio on Monday he wanted to see an "improved" system of tapping phones which had to perform better. main page
More: http://news.yahoo.com/france-calls-10-000-troops-bolster-security-sensitive-095446312.html

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