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5 Ways To Save On Your 2015 Weight-loss Goals - Yahoo News

1. Don't splurge on a gym membership, yet. Your commitment to work out at the gym three days a week might not happen, and facing that truth now could save you considerably. A University of California-Berkeley study of 7,752 health club members over three years found that gym-goers who signed a contract averaged only 4.5 visits to the gym each month. Considering there are more than 50 million gym members across the U.S., and attendance falls dramatically with each passing month, there's a good chance many contracts go unused. So although that deal your http://ervingmom.skyrock.com local gym is offering may seem enticing, it's not likely to do you any favors.
Full go to website story: http://news.yahoo.com/5-ways-save-2015-weight-loss-goals-203343430.html

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