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Rodriguez Participates In Yankees First Full-squad Workout - Heraldstandard.com: Headlines Ap

Rodriguez participates in <a href=exercise Yankees first full-squad workout' /> Shane Negast, an 11-year-old from West Nyack, New York, traveled to http://porterbucz.soup.io Florida with his father, John, who is using Alex Rodriguez's season-long their website suspension for using performance-enhancing drugs as a teachable moment. The son wore a No. 13 A-Rod jersey, partially obscured by a red and white backpack adorned by a pair of buttons recognizing a pair of Yankees World Series titles from the 1990s. He's also a big Derek Jeter fan, and the Yankees are his team. The mere mention of A-Rod's name brought a big smile to the youngster's face. "We've talked about all that's happened," the father said Thursday. "People make mistakes, and I know Alex brought it all on himself. But he served his suspension.
Full story: http://www.heraldstandard.com/headlines_ap/rodriguez-participates-in-yankees-first-full-squad-workout/article_3943c454-b685-518f-a7c1-9472b5e92b5e.html

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